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We “Appreciate Piass” offer the variety of marine sports with the wish that people are surprised, delighted and impressed by interacting with nature through marine sports in an abundant natural environment where the coral reefs spread in sea.
We are convinced that this experience will cause everyone to realize how great Mother Nature is, to start thinking the meaning of protecting the environment, and to foster the curiosity of nature. Because we realize every day how important it is to learn from nature. And we would like to help our customer to feel being impressed by nature.

That’s what We “Appreciate Piass” thinks.

アプリシエイト株式会社 代表取締役 新垣尚哉

Company Name “Appreciate” means that we appreciate the great nature, we appreciate everyone and we appreciate everything.
This is where our company name comes from.

CEO Naoya Arakaki

Company Profile

Company Name appreciate Piass
Headquarters & Booking Office 187 Afuso, Kunigami-gun, Onna,
Okinawa 904-0402 Japan
Inquiry TEL 098-967-7777 / FAX 098-967-7775
Please contact us by email.
Business Category 1 School Travel
2 Marine Sports and outdoors.
Established Feb, 2013
Capital 3,000,000円
Management CEO Naoya Arakaki
Shop Location 【Piass】
1314 Afuso, Kunigamigun Onnason, Okinawa 904-0402 Japan
※Located in the Miyuki hamabaru Resort.